Monday, June 29, 2009

World War II Honor Roll

An Honor Roll was erected in 1945 to honor those from Yardville Heights and Lakeside Park who were in the military service. Both my brother and I were in the service in WWII. He is listed but I am not because I did not go in until just before the surrender of Germany. My brother Harold served about 26 months, mostly in the South Pacific on islands that are even now hard to find on the map. He was an officer in the SeaBees-Construction Battalion,
He has written a 100+ page account of his experiences. It is a good thing my mother did not know the details at the time. She was worried enough as it was.
Unfortunately the picture isn't the best but there are many familiar (to me) names on the listing.My cousin Calvin Cubberley is there along with Anthony Gorman, Clarence Heaton, several Holzbars, Charles Middleton, John Yeager, Don Blauth. Unfortunately most of them have passed but fortunately, my cousin Calvin and my older brother Harold are still around and active some 64 years after this Honor Roll was erected.

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